Here are a few Simple Ideas to Staging your home to help you sell.

March 20, 2021

When you are ready to finally sell your home there are a few important tips that can impact the process.  Many of us do no have the ability to spend the extra dollars for a staging company to make our homes look like a picture out of Southern Homes Magazine.

However, I will share with you a few tips that helped us sell our home quickly and also what our real estate firm recommends to our clients.

First,  you want to start with a good through cleaning of your home. This means cleaning baseboards, light switch covers, dusting all light fixtures, blinds, curtains, and cleaning your carpets.

Declutter your kitchen cabinets, closet spaces, and organize your food pantry.  You want your house to show that you have plenty of storage to your potential buyer.

Move out any large furniture that clutters up your space.  You want to create a space that feels open and flows throughout your home.  Open floor plan concepts are the biggest trend right now, so making your home as open and bright as possible with help entice your buyers.

If it’s within your budget a fresh coat of neutral paint will be an additional plus and that can make it easier to accessorize with color to brighten your home. Remember having natural light is best way to appeal to your potential buyer.  So anyway to accentuate that is a plus.

Clean and neaten your front entrance.  A manicured lawn, trimmed shrubs, and flower beds will be the very first impression your potential buyer will have, so it’s worth the time and effort to make it look appealing.  Adding a cute door sign, entry rug, and a simple pot of flowers by the entrance can create that great first impression.

Don’t forget to keep your home clean and tidy throughout the showing process, you won’t always have a lot time to prepare when you get the call.  I realize many of us have children and that makes it a little more challenging.  When selling ours, we made a routine of straightening up once the kids were in bed. And before we left the house each morning we made all beds, opened all the blinds, and  please do not leave dirty dishes out 🙂

I promise you it’ll be worth it!